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The One Lifestyle Change You Should Make To Keep Your Sobriety Strong

In early sobriety I drank a ton of coffee. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that I overdid it. Working at a coffee place didn't help, with its early hours and grueling rushes, but I definitely carried my coffee habit well after I quit that job. These days, I'm trying to reduce my caffeine. (Not eliminate it, but have a saner perspective when it comes to getting my energy from what I drink.) And having a signature drink is just as helpful and comforting now as it was when I was drinking. Actually, when I'm at a work function, or some kind of party with mostly drinkers, it's even more important to know what I'll be drinking. So here's a handy guide to cooking up a new signature drink now that you're living the sober lifestyle. And remember to sound off in the comments with ideas of your own!

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