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Bring Your Addiction Treatment Online - What 30 Recovery Bloggers Have to Say About the Digital Recovery World

Survey says? The web is a welcoming place to be when it comes to recovery.

Welcome to the ever-changing world of online recovery. Since most of us struggle to unplug, it comes as no surprise that there's a broad world of digital recovery. Whether you’re blogging behind a laptop, participating in an online meeting, scrolling through your curated sober Instagram feed, checking in with your counselor on the latest online recovery program, or listening to a guided meditation on your phone, there’s a way to stay connected. Recovery in 2017 is a very different place than it was ten years ago, when I first got sober. And it’s changed every year in nuanced ways. Even in the two years since I started The Sobriety Collective, the digital landscape has evolved.

So what better way to illustrate the evolution than to poll the very people who make up what we call #TheRecoveryFriendlyWeb? I surveyed a small sample size of 30 recovery bloggers and other folks who use the cyber world as part of their holistic recovery. Let’s see what they say about the changing face of the digital recovery space.

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